Carrion Crown

Weird weaverworm weaving webs

Judge Daramid hires the party to go hunt for some evil Whispering Way followers who stole some stuff with for some kind of nefarious plan. We’re to find out their plan and, if possible, stop it.
The party goes on their way to Ascanor Lodge
On their way they’re attacked by ettercaps and a weaverworm, which they dispatch easily. In the weaverworm’s lair they find a dead guy with a letter. The only words Pathnit Napeeluna can make out, are “Echtmore Draven”. Nobody really knows who this guy is.
An arrow trap near a dead lycanthrope gives the party a scare as Georgi Shvashko is turned into a pin cushion, but she quickly heals herself and the party is ready to continue their journey.


Vande_Weyer_Peter Vande_Weyer_Peter

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