Kellid Lunar Oracle


One of the first thing anyone notices about Sheen is the big sabretooth tiger walking next to her. Next they usually notice her tattoo and scars. But what freaks most people out, is her shadow. Sheen’s shadow looks like a grotesque catwoman. If people still keep looking at her after that, they might also noticed her fangs and the hungry look in her eyes. Unless of course she has her magical protections active, in that case people might first notice the femur floating around her head.

And yet despite her strange appearance and her weird gifts, people somehow like the young woman (charisma 22, Diplomacy ). It’s just something about her that makes it hard not to like her.

Sheen is usually friendly and outgoing to strangers, but she doesn’t trust easily. Those who gain her trust, have a friend for life, one that is willing to die for them (after all other options have been tried first of course).

Sheen’s mercenary group are some of those few people who have gained her trust and friendship. This also means that they’ve gained Nuna’s trust and friendship. In fact they are probably the only people, other than Sheen, that Nuna would ever listen to. While Nuna is of course a strong addition to any mercenary group and Sheen’s skills with the spear are considerable, Sheen’s biggest asset are her magical gifts. She claims these gifts are a blessing from Desna, yet it is obvious that she doesn’t really know how it all works. It just does. Then again that does seem like something the Song of the Spheres would do.

The party has learnt that Sheen’s gifts are all a bit weird and come with a strange price. Her strange shadow seems to be there to warn people to be careful around her. And the party has learnt that this is with good reason. Sheen has a pair of sharp fangs and she isn’t shy to use them in combat. In fact it seems that she needs a tast of blood before she can really get going. And while she looks rather lean, Sheen is always hungry and always eating.

Sheen is also quite clumsy, yet somehow this doesn’t seem to affect her much in combat. In a fight her movements are as awkward as ever, but somehow she rarely gets hit. As if the world around her is looking out for her.

Her close connection to Nuna is clearly also an aspect of her magic. She seems to be able to talk to Nuna and share her magic with her. And Nuna is a frighteningly impressive combatant, tearing her enemies limb from limb, while shrugging off their attacks as if they were nothing. To protect Nuna in combat, Sheen had commissioned a special armor for her. And with this armor Nuna has really become nigh untouchable.

Her favorite spells enhance her protections and those of her partymembers even further and enhances their combat abilities. While Sheen has some healing magics, her favorite spells are more focused on avoiding damage or helping to bring down an enemy as fast as possible through strength of arms.

Sheen hasn’t spoken much about where she comes from, but from what she’s told, the party has learnt that she once was a member of one of the savage Kellid tribes from the north and that she had to flee her tribe when her strange gifts first manifested and scared the superstitious people of her tribe. She’s been wandering ever since, picking up Nuna somewhere along the way. It’s clear that she’s seen a lot during her travels and that people have often reacted with fear towards her, as she’s always very careful when she meets new people, going out of her way to reassure them that she means them no harm (unless of course they mean her harm, in which case she and Nuna make short work of them).



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