Carrion Crown

Where werewolves worship

When Sheen realizes that she mixed up the two dead men they encountered on their way Ascanor Lodge, she quickly informs Duristan and Cilas Graydon of her mistake. After all the party doesn’t want Duristan to get into trouble with the margrave for a murder he didn’t commit. Both are relieved to hear that Gradon’s friend, Echtmore Draven, was in fact killed by a monster and not mistaken for a werewolf.

After a long day of research the party finds out about a place sacred to Desna where they perhaps could commune with the goddess of stars, dreams and travel to find out more about their quarry. They decide to head out the next day. However the same evening the guests of the lodge are attacked by an enormous spider. The party manages to take the spider down, but Sheen and some of the guests are taken down by the beast’s poison. It will take some time to recover and the party postpones their journey to the Stairs of the Moon until Sheen recovers.

Nuna finds out that the spider was in fact lured into the lodge from the beast kennels with a trail of blood. It’s clear that someone planned the attack. Was it their goal to stop the party from reaching the Stairs of the Moon? Estovion Lozarov accuses and arrests the kennelmaster. He claims that the kennelmaster released to the spider, because his affections for Markiza Welgory had been spurned. The party is not so sure of this.

When they head out to the Stairs of the Moon, Duristan insists on joining them together with his two remaining guards. On their way they are again attacked by werewolves of the Primal clan. Another of Duristan’s guards is killed in the fight, but despite that, they easily dispatch the attacking werewolves, but it quickly becomes clear that more of them are on their way. A wild chase to the Stairs of the Moon begins.

Wicked werewolves waylay wary wanderers

So the party finally arrives at Ascanor Lodge, but Belik of Courtaud refuses to let them in as their arrival had not been announced. When the party is trying to clear this up, they hear a conversation between Duristan Silvio Ariesir and Delgros Kroitzcer about a hunt for werewolves. When Duristan sees the party of adventurers he’s immediately starstruck and invites them for the hunt. Not having anything better to do, the party agrees.

During the hunt the party is attacked by a bunch of giant boars, which they easily dispatch. Duristan decides to set up camp there and the party and Delgros try to dissuade him. When it becomes clear that Duristan won’t be convinced, Delgros leaves and the party decides to stay, to make sure Duristan is safe.

During the night the party is indeed attacked by a group of angry werewolves. They kill four guards before delivering a message. They’re from the Primal clan of werewolves and apparently someone at Ascanor Lodge is meddling in werewolf affairs and wishes to promote Mattis of the Silverhide clan to king of the werewolves. The werewolves want to send the party on their way with that warning, but Georgi and Sheen refuse to let the werewolves get away with murder and want to send them a message of their own. The overconfident werewolves attack, but as Georgi’s attacks strike true agains the leader of the primals, Sheen’s magic forces another werewolf back into his human form. When Ildan riddles the werewolves with arrows as both Pathnit Napeeluna and Nuna advance, the werewolves beat a hasty retreat.

Back at Ascanor Lodge the party is now allowed in and they’re invited to talk to Estovion Lozarov about their goals. The next day when they begin their investigation into the Whispering Way and the meddling with the werewolves, they find a warning message on their door.

Over the next few days they acquaint themselves better with the other guests. Duristan is almost always somewhere near the party and Sheen introduces herself to Cilas Graydon, who apparently was waiting for a certain Echtmore Draven. As Sheen remembers the name from a letter she found on the corpse near the road, she also recalls Duristan bragging about killing the man, believing he was a werewolf. Not wanting to get on the bad side of Cilas Greydon, who is very influential in this region, Sheen convinces Duristan to tell Cilas the truth about what happened. While Cilas was at first very pleased with the party’s return of Draven’s missing equipment, his mood sours considerably at the news of how his friend was murdered. They decide to go to the place where the corpse was buried by the party.

Weird weaverworm weaving webs

Judge Daramid hires the party to go hunt for some evil Whispering Way followers who stole some stuff with for some kind of nefarious plan. We’re to find out their plan and, if possible, stop it.
The party goes on their way to Ascanor Lodge
On their way they’re attacked by ettercaps and a weaverworm, which they dispatch easily. In the weaverworm’s lair they find a dead guy with a letter. The only words Pathnit Napeeluna can make out, are “Echtmore Draven”. Nobody really knows who this guy is.
An arrow trap near a dead lycanthrope gives the party a scare as Georgi Shvashko is turned into a pin cushion, but she quickly heals herself and the party is ready to continue their journey.


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